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mass earthwork

Structures are only as stable as the ground on which they stand. Mass Earth work is the process of excavating and moving soil to create foundations for buildings, roads, railways and waterways. There’s no doubt you’ll need a company of experts to perform this work. So rest assured, RGS Construction is among the best in the business. The experts on our team are not only qualified and certified to perform the work, they’re committed to doing the best job possible. From clearing and grubbing to stripping and grading, every phase of the work is done to specification, with accuracy and precision.



Trenching is common in construction. Trenches are necessary for installing underground pipes, wires, cables, drainage and structural supports, all vital elements in the construction of buildings and roads. And while it’s a form of excavation, trenching is a skill of its own, requiring unique techniques and expertise. RGS Construction’s team is certified in this distinct skill set. Our expertise in this service area is complimented by the company’s commitment to quality and our quest to be the best in all that we do.


surface sealing

Surface Sealing treatments serve to preserve street, highway, driveway and walkway pavements of all types and make good economic sense. For every dollar spent for a surface sealing treatment, six to ten dollars are saved in repair and resurfacing costs. RGS Construction provides a spectrum of quality surface sealing treatments that includes crack sealing, chip seals, slurry surfacings and hot mix asphalt (HMA) thin overlays. These preventive maintenance treatments not only save in repair and replacements costs, they also improve ride quality, provide surface drainage and friction, and correct surface irregularities. Our experts can advise you on a treatment that is best for you. For optimum savings, pavements should be treated when they are in good condition, prior to any distress. So call now for a free consultation.

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